Therapeutics used

Dietary counseling Eating healthy, high-quality food on a daily basis is one of the most powerful ways to create health. Dietary counseling forms a cornerstone of a naturopathic consultation and assesses what you are eating and when, helping to ensure that you are eating for vibrant health and that the food you are eating is not contributing to your symptoms. Dietary counseling may include: - eating for weight loss - Identifying potential food intolerances - detoxification - dietary suggestions for specific illnesses - addressing nutrient deficiencies - eating for longevity and prevention of chronic illness.

Herbal Medicine Medicinal herbs contain active compounds, which are extremely powerful in treating a very wide array of ailments and in supporting the body's natural processes. 80% of the world's population still relies on herbal medicine as its primary source of care and up to 70% of pharmaceutical drugs have been created from the active components of plants. Rather than isolating a single component, herbal medicine uses the plant in its whole form with a much better safety profile. Which form (tea, tincture, capsule, or powder) a herb is used in is individual to a patient's needs.

Nutritional Supplements These are used to correct nutritional deficiencies (where correction with diet alone is not sufficient), to improve bodily function and to support the body's repair and detoxification processes.

Nutraceuticals These are high-potency nutritional supplements used to produce desired therapeutic outcomes with little side effects. These are used for prevention or treatment of disease.

Lifestyle Advice As balance in our lives is needed to achieve overall health, consultation also includes lifestyle assessment and advice. An example of areas covered includes: exercise, stress management, breathing techniques, reduction of environmental toxins / pollutants, work-life balance, mental attitude, etc.

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